About TokuOra

‘TokuOra (Toku Ora)’ means ‘My Life’ in Maori, they are the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand (Aotearoa – Long White Cloud). Our Founder is a Kiwi from Aotearoa and wanted a name that not only tells people what we do but also to use a Maori term as it brings more mana (power/influence) to the Maori language It is actually about you, for you and for everyone regardless of your Race, Gender or Opinions.

Our Founder (a Kiwi) believes that every person could use a personalized map to an easier life, a better life, a path to purpose - and as a result, founded TokuOra.

TokuOra is starting out with psychometrically matching Citizens/Students/Veterans/Parolees to Careers via our proprietary software which uses Algorithms, AI and Machine Learning putting them in the right Career or Post -Secondary Course/Program.

TokuOra works on a cognitive level, the volume of additional meaning the value you can pack in on top of it with respect to career reinforcement, career guidance, life guidance, self-esteem enforcement, purpose formation, critical thinking, etc. is immensely valuable - and defensible.

Over the coming months, we will add new tools to integrate with the Career Site to make your life easier - so stay tuned.

Our Mission is:

Who we are:

We are a team of brilliant humans who all have experience in Education, Technology, Business, Creativity and a little Weirdness but with a good moral compass. See our team here

Our Culture:

The culture at TokuOra is based on Kindness, Respect, Humanity, Collaboration, Communication, Innovation and Grit. Our mission is to drive change through Wow Product and open Hearts and Minds. We have flexibility, work six hours a day, have every third Friday off and will be bailed out if arrested of peaceful protesting.

Democracy Pledge:

    I hereby make The Democracy Pledge in the name of my company - as stated on https://thedpledge.com:
  1. We are proud to join the growing list of corporations taking The Democracy Pledge.
  2. We affirm that the election of Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris was free, fair and legitimate.
  3. We believe in valuing, affirming and supporting democracy, and are committed to doing so.
  4. We will not support, donate to or endorse politicians, political campaigns or political action committees that promoted false conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 presidential elections (or otherwise acted in ways contrary to a representative democracy).