Investment page

Want to invest?

Wish to be on the ground-floor as an investor in the next big start-up.
We are out raising:

Min buy-in is $5K (USD)
This would be a convertible note which would convert into equity (common stock) at $3MM Sale/Series A investment or can be refunded with 8%.

Max buy-in is $2MM-$3MM (USD)
This would be a Series A investor and would be Preferred Stock

Why invest in TokuOra?

  1. We have 8 revenue streams
  2. We are whitelisted in California for all State Dept's
  3. We have a P.O. for California's largest State Dept.
  4. We are procurement approved with a SOW in California's largest school district
  5. Our goal is to generate:

    If you are interested in investing, please contact the Founder - Wayne Sharp